Linguistic Minority Public Health Research Centers in the United States

Although the National Institutes of Health recognizes the Deaf community and American Sign Language as a linguistic minority and language, there are very few public health research centers that focus on the Deaf community while there are numerous public health research centers that focus on other linguistic minorities in the United States.

Based on estimated values, research on the health and wellbeing of deaf individuals comprises only 1% of research centers and University departments focused on minority health in the U.S.*

*The 1% value does not include centers that focus on the prevention and treatment of hearing loss.

Deaf cultural competency in medical curricula and policies

Policy assistance and CME-approved lectures for medical schools and healthcare institutions to help enhance the course of care for deaf patients.

A significant portion of studies' findings and results are often not translated into policy. Deaf Health Initiative is unique in that we use evidence-based research findings to influence changes in policy.